About Sleeping Saints
10 Messages to Encourage and Awaken the Church
Dr. William Combs (Author)

Chapter on Sleeping Saints – the general characteristics of a sleeping saint resemble the carnal or lost person which is insensitive to sin, and appear to be unconcern over the condition of his own life, his church and his nation. A sleeping saint is unable to hear the message God has for him; he is also unable to remain awake long enough to pray or to labor for the Kingdom until Christ returns for the church.

Chapter on Man’s Natural and Spiritual Needs – God has supplied seven physical needs for the flesh and 7 identical spiritual needs for the soul which are found in Jesus Christ.

Chapter on the Parable of the Soils – one of the major problems a Christians has who wish to live a more abundant life, is that he or she would like someone else to be held accountable for his or her sins and weaknesses. This individual has to be responsible for removing the rocks or spiritual hindrances from his own garden of life. The Christian is not exempt from daily problems, but he must develop a workable plan on how to overcome. The answer lies in God’s guide book, known as the Christian Bible. People with rocky gardens of life can become their own worse enemy, but all is not lost. Paul writes in Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things [dig rocks, and pull weeds] through Christ which strengthens me.”

Chapter on Spiritual Anemia – this message puts forth the idea that believers on a whole have allowed God to fade from their lives to the point it is now becoming quite dangerous to the fact that the church is loosing her influence to draw others into the Kingdom of God. All is not lost because Jesus is standing at the door knocking with the hope someone will allow Him to inter in to revitalize others that are anemic back to health. The anemic must change his spiritual diet and develop an exercise routine.

Other Chapters: Holy Heart Burn and Leaving the Savior Behind


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Sleeping Saints - 10 Messages to Encourage and Awaken the Church - Dr. William Combs (Author)